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Who are we

Alessandra Quarta Conte

A lawyer and international legal adviser specializing in contract law, international commercial law, corporate and civil law. We operate in Italy in partnership with the law firm of Francesca Conte and Al Ektiar Al Thaki Consultancies in Dubai.

Francesca Conte Law Firm

In Italy, we are a prestigious and globally recognized law firm specializing in facilitating the international expansion of businesses and professionals.

Al Ektiar Al Thaki Consultancies

In Dubai, we are a well-established firm that operates in collaboration with a trusted local partner, ensuring our clients benefit from a combination of prestige and reliability.

FINCO Dubai One Stop Shop for businesses

We are the single point of contact for the hundreds of companies belonging to FINCO who want to internationalize their business activity in Dubai.


Why work with us


Our network

We have a high-profile business network in Italy and Dubai.



We operate with transparency and legal compliance, providing consultations that offer both protective and achievable solutions



Our office operates in the heart of the city, facilitating interactions with local authorities and prestigious partners.



We guarantee maximum reliability and take care of every aspect so that you can move your business with peace of mind.

Our services

Organizing a move or starting a business in Dubai is very challenging. You have to pay attention to various aspects that require time, difficult choices and complexity. Without experience, you risk making costly mistakes in terms of time and money. If you entrust us with the task, we will take care of everything, allowing you to focus solely on your business.

Company Incorporation
in Dubai

We set up companies in Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore. We also deal with accounting and management control.

Residency Visa
and Golden Visa

We take care of the medical examinations required for visa issuance for you, your family members, and employees. We also handle Golden Visa procedures.

Essential Corporate

We provide all legal, accounting and compliance services related to your business.


By booking a consultation with us, we will cover various topics, including:

  • Providing you with all the relevant information regarding your relocation.
  • Analyzing the feasibility of your business or investment project.
  • Identifying the optimal solution based on your tax position.


We can arrange an online consultation

to get to know each other, no matter where

you are located.



If you are in Dubai,

we can meet at our offices

in Downtown Dubai.

How does the process work?

Before taking any further steps, speak with one of our legal consultants in Dubai. We will guide you through the journey and demonstrate how our expertise can save you valuable time.


Set up a consultation

We will provide you with all the necessary information to relocate, establish a company, or develop a business in Dubai. Following that, we will delve into your specific case to provide further guidance and support.


Ad hoc quotation

We make customized quotations based on the proposed solutions.


Opening a company or issuing visas

We will support you in every phase, taking care of the establishment of your company and the issuing of visas for you and your family.



We will support you at every stage of your relocation, accompanying you to appointments and taking care of all necessary formalities.

UAE Government Institutions and Agencies

In Dubai, when it comes to company formation, real estate investments, or obtaining a Resident Visa, it is necessary to engage with government institutions. We will personally accompany you throughout all the crucial moments, providing comprehensive support.


Frequently asked questions

Everything our customers ask us most often.
Anyone can establish a business in Dubai. It is a country open to all and specifically designed to attract foreign investors. However, in certain cases, specific authorizations from the Emirati government may be required.
No. Having a resident visa in Dubai is different from being a tax resident in Dubai. In the former case, it is sufficient to visit Dubai at least every 180 days; otherwise, the visa may be canceled. In the latter case, to be considered a tax resident in Dubai, you would need to spend at least 183 days outside of Italy.
According to the latest update from the European Council on October 4th, 2022, which also remains valid for 2023, there are 12 jurisdictions considered non-cooperative for tax purposes, commonly known as the "Black List" countries, and Dubai is not included in this list.
Yes, certainly. You will be able to maintain clients in Italy and expand your business globally.
Many UAE banks offer the opportunity to open a corporate bank account in multiple currencies, including Euro, right from the start. We will support you in every aspect, including payment management, ensuring a seamless experience.

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