Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040

Mar 29, 2021

Through Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040 Dubai will be the best city of the world. The UAE’s Vision 2040 come to reality and evolve Dubai into the “best city in the world” with smart water management at the heart of it.

The path of Dubai Master Plan 2040 and smart water has just begun, but the future is bright, and there are more groundbreaking innovations yet to unravel, which will strike the perfect balance to empower the people and environment of the UAE to thrive in the coming 20 years.

A new urban development has been announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai who promises for Dubai Master Plan 2040 the best possible environment and infrastructure to enhance the community’s happiness and wellbeing.The UAE Vision 2040 has given us a sneak peek into how the city will lay down the groundwork for sustainable growth over the next 20 years.

A myriad of elements and natural resources must be deployed in order to make Dubai Master Plan 2040 happen, and I believe that the smart management of water, our most precious resource, will play an integral role in taking the plan to the finish line.

Water is the foundation of any growing city – from industrial processes, food cultivation to being a primary defense against the Covid-19 virus to ensure the health of citizens. And water scarcity due to climate change and mismanagement of this precious resource can disrupt the lives of citizens and hinder progress of cities.

Smart technology can efficiently treat, monitor and distribute water to ensure an undisrupted supply for an increasing population. Smart water networks also empower utilities to mitigate non-revenue water losses and prevent economic strain. They provide real time monitoring and data which alerts utilities of the irregular flow of water and potential leaks for non-revenue water loss, so quick action can be taken.

The prosperity of growing cities and the environment are interlinked; however, our environment is deteriorating due to accelerating climate change – which will consequently be a serious hindrance for the development of our cities.

Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040 will aim to make Dubai the world’s best city to live in. The next 20 years will see the city tackle ambitious plans including increasing the space of public beaches by 400 percent, while 60 percent of Dubai’s area is set to become nature reserves. Urban areas will be revamped, while infrastructure will also be further developed.

Initiatives such as Dubai UAE Vision 2040 will ensure the country’s continued economic, environmental and societal growth in the face of climate change.